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November 2022 - 126 pages

A special celebration of 100 issues of VANISH MAGIC MAGAZINE. The feature story is Xavier Mortimer who talks about his days performing on the streets of Paris to having his own show in Las Vegas. He also talks about his experiences with social media magic and how he has become one of the most viewed magicians in the world.

Paul Romhany takes a look back at the past 100 issues of VANISH from the very first edition in 2011.

Nick Lewin has photos and a write up about the 2022 AMA Ceremony which honored Max Maven.

Product Highlight - Art Decko by Greg Gleason

Buster's Back - Ben Robinson shares his trip to a celebration of Buster Keaton - and how Keaton influence magic.

The Van Hargen Twins - Connie Boyd gets an exclusive story with the twins after their performance on Penn & Tellers Fool Us.

Breaking The Magician's Code - Gustav Kahn takes a scientific look at exposing magic.

Thought Cast 2.0 - Product Highlight

Step by Step - Patrick Kuffs - a fun card trick performed under foot.

Take out Production Box - Louie Foxx teaches a production routine using a takeout box.

Let's taco About it - Christopher T. Magician discusses family magic shows.

Hanky Pranky - a dancing hanky routine by Wayne Rogers that can be done surrounded

Wild Ways - Ben Harris card routine from his latest book

The Pendulum Knows - Richard Webster shares a pendulum routine

Cards that tell a story - Felicity Fields shares a new deck of cards

Illusion Design - Bunny Box - full plans for this illusion

Kids Magic - Dave Attwood writes an article aimed at those performing for kids

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