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Levitating In The Cloud is an ingenious gimmick that allows you to create the illusion that you levitate in the air, it weighs almost nothing, you can present it wherever you want, you can use carpets if you want as shown in the video, the illusion that you float in the air is perfect, very practical, self-contained, the whole cloud is made of cardboard, you can look underneath,there is no glass, or wires, just the cloud made of cardboard.

The gimmick cloud is 100% made of cardboard, I have done the cloud levitation many times and I have always achieved a great impact with all kind of public, the illusion that you levitate next to the cloud cannot be more perfect, I have worked on this idea for years until I have found the material that has made possible this illusion.

Levitating In The Cloud by Salvador Molano video DOWNLOAD

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