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Did you know you could be doing things at your gigs that could get you arrested or lead to hefty fines? I know that, in the past, I was guilty of doing some of these activities -- which led me to write this eBook. In my opinion, this is the definitive work on avoiding getting busted at a gig. 

To the best of my knowledge, this is the first eBook written entirely on this subject. It was written to protect entertainers and should be considered a "must read" for all performers. It's a shame that I have to write this PDF, but unfortunately there are things that entertainers could be doing at their shows that could cause them to wind up in prison or get hefty fines. One magician made one of these mistakes and wound up getting a 10-year prison sentence! Chances are, you might be doing something similar, and this could happen to you if you ignore my advice.

Some of these actions could create a criminal record for you and destroy any chance of getting future clearances. Most schools and groups that hire you for children's shows will require clearances. Make one of these mistakes, even inadvertently, and your career of performing children's shows will be over.

Some of the mistakes I list in this PDF, I am guilty of, and have wound up paying fines. Had I known the information I reveal in this PDF, I would have saved money in fines. You could possibly be breaking laws at some of the gigs you are doing. The information in this eBook could help you prevent a run-in with the police or worse yet, a prison sentence. The information in this release applies to any type of entertainer, not just magicians. This information is useful worldwide, not just in the United States of America. Knowledge is power! Protect yourself. Going to the restroom, hugging a child, putting up posters, and yes, even doing certain tricks, could get you arrested. Get the full details in this release.


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