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Take a chance with destiny...

Everyone has a special number, also known as your 'destiny number'. You produce six business cards with a grid containing different numbers and ask the spectator to pick one. Once selected, you ask the spectator to circle any number and then put a line through all of the remaining numbers along the horizontal and vertical positions.

The spectator is asked to select another visible number and then put a line through the horizontal and vertical positions. This will leave a few numbers and the spectator is again asked to repeat the process. There will be one number left and the spectator is asked to circle that and then add up the four circled numbers. The total on this occasion is 39, which you explain is their destiny number.

You then produce a deck of cards and show that they are all different. Spreading these cards face down on the table, you ask the spectator to insert the business card anywhere into the deck.

You remove the two playing cards on either side of the business card and turn them over. You then add the value of one card and the suit of the other to arrive at the spectator's 'card of destiny'.

For example, if they had selected the King of Diamonds and Ten of Spades, the card of destiny would be the King of Spades (value from the first card 'King' and suit from the second card 'Spade').

The deck is then passed to the spectator for them to count down to their destiny number, which was 39. When the 39th card is turned over, it is the King of Spades, showing that their destiny number and destiny card are completely aligned.
  • Easy to do
  • Fully examinable
  • No gimmicks
  • No sleight of hand
  • No moves
  • Instant reset
  • Hand out your business card
  • No maths involved
  • Self-working
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